Monday, March 20, 2006

The cost of vanity

I read today in one of the celebrity/entertainment articles that Sarah Jessica Parker had to have her feet digitally enhanced for her role in her latest film, “Failure to Launch”. Apparently, the many years Ms. Parker wore designer stilettos for her role in “Sex in the City” took their toll.

Sorry, but this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I was never a fan of narrow, tall heels. They’re not comfortable nor do they flatter my large, wide feet. I have no problem spending $150 dollars on a pair of Nike running shoes or Dansko clogs, but never on anything that requires me to walk tiptoed and risk an ankle sprain.

Like I should talk. My own vanity (believing I wore nothing but a women’s 7 ½) has paid its own price. The years I wore shoes that were actually too short created an ugly bunion on my right foot. The bunion doesn’t bother me as long as I wear shoes that fit correctly.


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