Saturday, April 08, 2006

Words taste good!

As you probably guessed, we’re back in the hunt for a new home. Sherri found out from her accountant the issue that held me back from buying is a non-issue. Family funds are on the way.

Kevin, our real estate agent, sent me 10 listings of interest that I viewed this morning. Five listings were of particular interest to me. Two in the Richmond district, one in the Inner Sunset, one in the Panhandle, and one in Noe Valley. I chose these listings because they meet our minimum requirements. I’m already anxious to see them.

I’ve lived in California for almost 23 years, (half my life) all of them in San Francisco. We know we could get more of a home in the Peninsula and it would decrease our current commute times at least in half. But the snobbery in me wants to retain a SF address and 415 area code.

Rent control has served us well, but I am eager to become a new and proud homeowner.

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