Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Los Angeles Times

As a San Francisco resident for almost 25 years and frequent visitor to New York City (parents and brother live there), I consider myself a urbanite. So that I get an idea of what's going on in my favorite big cities, I've had bookmarked SFGate and the New York Times for several years. This past year, I added the Los Angeles Times.

For me, 2 reasons:
1. Timothy Parker's online crossword puzzle.
Updated daily and 3 colossal crosswords published on Sundays. My crossword fix is achieved sans pencil and/or ink smears and dog-eared paper (from too much erasing).

2. The entertainment section.
Entertainment is what put Los Angeles on the map. My favorite feature within the entertainment section are the photo galleries. A recent one titled, " 'Indiana Jones' and the Rip-offs of Doom" contains a selection of photos accompanied with a story. Numerous other photo galleries links from previous publications are also listed. Reading these hones my movie/TV trivia skills.

If nothing else, it also gives me perspective on how different these cities are to San Francisco and why I live here.

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