Sunday, October 19, 2008

Whitehall-Yearling High School Reunion - Class of '78

My long weekend in Columbus is about to wrap up. I came in Friday night to attend my high school reunion. This is the 3rd reunion from my class that I've attended. And like the others, I had a wonderful time. The turnout for what was a class of under 300 was small and intimate.

Most of the attendees were people I'd seen at the previous reunions, but there were a few I hadn't since seen since high school. It was wonderful to catch up. My brother Sherman knows a few of my classmates very well, and as he has at my previous reunions, called the next day to get a recap.

So to those I saw last night, already Google'd to check out this blog and see what else I'm up to, it was great to see you. Hopefully it will be in 5 rather than 10 years that I see you all again.

GUYS: Gary, Terry, Tom, John, Bob, Randy, Tim, Joe, Ed, Bill, Pat
GALS: Barb H., Barb K., Andi, Eva, Cindy, Cindi, Patti, Melody, Tina, Kim, Sharon, Cris, Karin, Michelle, Tracy, Kathy, Lori, and special thanks to Jennifer for helping Barb H. organize. This evening wouldn't have happened without your help.

Go Rams!

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