Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bath cabinet

About a month ago, I tagged along with Josh and Amy to Ikea in Emeryville. I fully intended not to buy anything, but saw a bath cabinet (as seen here) that I really liked. Solid wood, espresso color. Would match the sink cabinet in my bathroom now. Ended up buying it.

When I got the cabinet home, it wasn't assembled right away. But 2 weeks ago, I got it put up and this is what it looks like in my bathroom. Pretty snazzy.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Introducing Kim, Angry Asian Girl

My cubicle mates Gromit and my magnetic "lobstah" from Boston have a new friend. Her name is, Kim, a.k.a. Angry Asian Girl. Former UC Berkeley student Lela Lee created Angry Asian Girl in 1994. I first came across Kim at my favorite neighborhood gift store, Tutti Frutti.

The cartoon on this tote bag (as seen here) was my introduction to Kim's sassy attitude. I laughed so hard probably because I saw a bit (OK, a lot) of myself when I'm not in such a great mood.

I admire Kim because she says things I would like to say but couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't. Especially if I want to remain the upstanding, well-loved person I have been for so many years (snicker if you like, as this keeps my ego in check).

Kim now has other friends (Wanda, Deb, Maria and Xyla) and a meathead of a boyfriend named Bruce. Check them all out at the Angry Little Girls website.