Saturday, September 19, 2009

What can brown do for you?

Last week, I placed an order with to replenish a few items for the house. I arrange to send most of my online purchases to the office, as I'm not home at the time UPS delivers. I must not have paid attention when I entered the shipping info, as I got this notification from UPS yesterday when I came home from work.

For those times UPS is the carrier and I have to use my home address for delivery (prescription mail orders), I go online immediately after getting the first notice to change the shipping address. This was the first notification ever requiring a fee. While the fee wasn't expensive ($4 for a 4 pound shipment), it still was a charge, probably because of rising fuel costs, thinner profit margins and stiff competition with FedEx and USPS.

This is another reason why I choose USPS over UPS to do personal shipping. It's ridiculously cheaper. For me to send a 2 lbs. package UPS 2nd day air from San Francisco to Columbus would cost almost $26. USPS would charge me for 2nd day air for a large box, $13.50. Only $4.80 for a small box.

So until UPS shows me lower shipping rates, brown's doing nothing for me.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hot Pink

As teen sensation Melanie Oudin makes her way through the U.S. Open, there's been some hubbub made about her shoes. Mostly, the pink.

What's the big deal? I've been wearing pink and black shoes since my bowling obsession began this year. It does get attention, but mostly positive. My next fashion statement is to get a hot pink t-shirt with the cursive letter "L" (Laverne & Shirley) style sewn just below the left shoulder.

Best of luck to you, Melanie. It's only the beginning.

photo courtesy of Yahoo! Sports