Thursday, April 08, 2010

MUNI, BART and CalTrain in a day

Last week, on date night with Jeff in San Bruno, my car died. I had AAA tow the car to my garage in Belmont. By the time we finished, it was rainy, cold and close to 9 p.m. So I called a cab to take us home. It got us home in 35 minutes, but it wasn't cheap.

As a result, I've delved into much more economical forms of transportation. To get to SFO to my trip to Columbus, I took Super Shuttle, a shared van service. Fare and gratuity, a little over $20. All done online. They always arrive within the specified time window and call within 5 minutes of the van showing up at your door. Since my car was still in Belmont when I returned to SF yesterday, I used Super Shuttle again. Once I got to the designated pickup area, I was off within 10 minutes heading home.

Now home and off the rest of the week, my highest priority in finding a way to Belmont was not the fastest but the cheapest. Jeff's way back to his house last week after getting me home was via MUNI, the 44-O'Shaughnessy to Glen Park BART set the wheels in motion. So, for me the same thing. From Glen Park BART, I took the Millbrae BART line to the end. Once I got to Millbrae, I walked across the platform to CalTrain, bought a Zone 2 ticket to Belmont. It took about 40 minutes before the next train arrived, but it was a short and comfy ride once aboard. When I got to Belmont, I walked about 10 minutes to get my garage and pick up my car.

Had it not been the 40 minute wait for CalTrain, the entire trip would have been only a little over an hour and a half. While it is not something I recommend or would do regularly, I had the time and enjoyed the trek. The entire cost = $7.40 ($2 MUNI + $2.90 BART + $2.50 CalTrain). I know at some point, I will be using MUNI, CalTrain or BART so I ordered a TransLink card online. TransLink covers them all, including AC Transit and Golden Gate Ferry and Transit.

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