Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bowling lane courtesy

OK, OK, setting aside modesty for a "split" second, I know this image doesn't exactly match the title of this blog entry. Last week, I bowled my 3rd 200+ game this year and I just had to include the picture.

Anyway, as an avid bowler for the past 2 years, the majority of my bowling is not league, but open/practice bowling. When I first learned to bowl at Holiday and Main Lanes back home in Columbus, one of the first lessons given to me was exercising lane courtesy.

What is lane courtesy? Plain and simple, do not disturb the bowler in the lane next to you when he or she is about to bowl. In years past, the lanes had signs posted all over the place explaining this. And if you didn't read the sign and did disturb the bowler next to you, a staff member had no qualms reading you the riot act for your lack of courtesy.

These days, there are no signs and most staff members are out fetching balls out of gutters, putting up or taking down lane bumpers, or fetching food and drink for large group parties.

I know I'm starting to sound old, but I also think lack of courtesy on the lanes is an extension of our hurried, self-absorbed lives. I often find myself coughing up a few more bucks to bowl where it isn't crowded, or to ask for lanes away from the masses, which we've been successful in doing.

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ScottPolson said...

I was the bar lead (head bartender) at the main bowling alley in Santa Cruz for several years... I'm guessing that bowling courtesy disappeared a long time ago! I've since left... But I miss the fog rolling in over the Golden Gate Bridge... The auto shows at Stanford in Palo Alto... Risking my life on Highway 17...