Thursday, April 05, 2012

Play Ball!

Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball.  My team for the past 28 seasons, the San Francisco Giants, play their first game of the 2012 season against the Arizona Diamondbacks tomorrow in Phoenix.

As a fan, I find the real enjoyment in baseball is the nuance. It is not an easy game to learn.  Try explaining what a balk is to someone who's seeing his first game. I played slow-pitch softball for over 20 years and found there's always something new to learn.  If you know nothing about the game and have a short attention span, then you're probably not going to like baseball.

And, on a lesser important note, as we are in a Leap Year, this is my 366th blog entry.  It's time to lace up the cleats, grab your mitt and bat.  Shag some fly balls, field a few hard grounders and smack line drives over 2nd base.  Welcome to a new season.

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