Sunday, May 18, 2014

Former MLB pitcher John Burkett returns to PBA

image source: PBA
As a huge fan of the San Francisco Giants and current bowling junkie, I'm very excited to hear former Major League Pitcher John Burkett is returning to the PBA tomorrow at Oklahoma's Grand Resort to bowl in the Wolf Open/PBA Summer Swing.

Burkett's return to bowling is his first love. His entry in the Wolf Open is preparation to join the PBA50 tour in 2015. Click here for more details.

During Burkett's pitching days as a San Francisco Giant, he bowled in a few PBA tournaments and bowled well enough to finish in the top 40. Along with former San Francisco 49er Terrell Owens' USBC debut in 2013 (current PBA team owner of the Dallas Strikers), and the upcoming pro debut of former college sensation Marshall Kent, these are all positive steps for the PBA.

If Burkett placed in PBA tournaments in the top 40 while he was a pitcher, I can only imagine how well he'll do now, as his focus will be entirely on bowling. I wish him the best.

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