Sunday, June 22, 2014

Seeking Asian Female/They're All So Beautiful

Yesterday, on Amazon Prime, I watched a PBS documentary, 'Seeking Asian Female" that originally aired in May 2013.

Written, directed and produced by Debbie Lum, the film takes an intimate look at the story of Steven and Sandy, who met online and married. Much of the film takes place in Steven's apartment in Burlingame.

The film's subject matter wasn't anything new to me. I've seen and experienced it countless times in the 30+ years I've lived in San Francisco. I was interested in exploring more about the documentary and found a companion piece to the documentary called "They're All So Beautiful".

There are 5 episodes in the "They're All So Beautiful" series. I skipped the first 3 episodes and jumped immediately to Episodes 4 - Do Asian Women have "white fever"? and 5 - dating, relationship, interracial marriage?

In case you're wondering about my answers to the above questions, I can answer yes to the question posed in Episode 4. I was in a 9-year relationship with a Caucasian male. And it didn't end because of race or culture.

What I will tell you, especially as I've gotten older, is that forming a relationship with someone I'd already known who is of the same race, culture and shared common interests made a monumental difference. Yes, tremendous physical attraction got it all started. As it went beyond that, it became an incredibly deep bond that I have yet to find with anyone else.

Here's the video clip:

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