Sunday, September 14, 2014

A&E's Longmire - cancelled

source: TV Guide
Disappointed to find out from USA Today's Jayme Deerwester that A&E's Longmire got cancelled.

It was A&E's second highest rated TV series.

One of the reported reasons for the cancellation was the average viewer age was 60 years old.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. And stupid.

Not only did the clueless executives that made this decision insult a demographic with deep pockets, they've cancelled the primary reason why many of us watch series television: the ability to tell a story (see previous blog entry of July 13, 2012).

In a world where so many of us are on information overload and short attention spans, it's a series that needs to be watched over time to be fully appreciated.

And for me, Bailey Chase (Deputy Branch Connally on the far right in the above photo) was a nice distraction. I'm not one normally one drawn to men dressed as cowboys, but whenever Branch wore his stetson and jeans, he got my attention.

Kudos to the network that decides to pickup the series. I think this would be a great addition on TNT.

****UPDATE: August 14, 2015****
Thanks to the fans, Longmire returns for a 4th season, beginning September 10 on Netflix.

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Marie Flutterby said...

No way! =0(
I watch Longmire all the time! O_O
They're not the brightest, or maybe there's more to this then they're letting on.

Just Fluttering Around