Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Friday 2014 - Samsung Smart TV

Samsung TV remote
As tweeted earlier this week, I splurged again for a big ticket home item. First the buffet, then the clothing armoire, and now a new TV.

I got a new TV because I watched most of last weekend's Niners game with the right half of the screen dimmed. It would usually go away if I turned off and on the TV. But it didn't this time. My Toshiba Regza 47" is almost 8 years old, so I knew the problem was only going to get worse.

I spent the next few days conducting my own due diligence as to what would be my next TV.

My requirements:
- Samsung or Sony
- LED/LCD flatscreen (no Ultra 4K yet)
- 48" minimum screen size
- 1080p
- internet access and ability to set up apps such as Skype, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime
- price not to exceed $750
- order it before Thanksgiving

It then came down to where I'd buy the TV - Amazon or Best Buy. I loved Best Buy's offer on all TV's with at least a 51" screen would get free delivery, setup and haul old TV off for recycling. Earliest date I could get the TV would have been today.

I ended up going to Amazon. As an Amazon Prime member, I'd get free shipping and delivery by Black Friday, 2 days sooner than Best Buy's earliest date. It would arrive in time to watch Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan game.

I chose a Samsung 48" LED 6350 series 1080p Smart TV with a quad processor. I used my remaining American Express Membership Rewards points which helped me keep the total price (tax included) under $600 -- 1/2 the cost of the old TV bought in 2006. I'll put the old TV out curbside for donation this week.

My housemate Wil brought in the TV while I was out at bowling practice. When I got home shortly before noon, he helped me take out the TV from the box, assemble the stand and turn on the TV. I was surprised at how much lighter the new TV was than the old one. So light in weight that I was able to place it under one arm and hold it without much effort.

Here's what the setup screens looked like:

The setup instructions were extremely easy. Once the stand was assembled, it took no more than 5 minutes to get the TV on.

Smart TV access is not yet installed due to the terrible wifi connection in the living room. A wifi repeater and ethernet connectors are on order which should strengthen the wifi connection.

Until then, access to Amazon Prime films and YouTube is on hold for now. Can't wait.

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