Sunday, April 26, 2015

2014 versus 2015 USBC Women's Championships

My results for this year's USBC Women's Nationals came in. Compared to last year, we did almost the same, but slightly better. We bowled this year in one of my favorite bowling venues, National Bowling Stadium.

In the Singles, Doubles and 4-person team, I should have been but wasn't satisfied that my 9-game average was 2-3 pins below this season's 2-league averages. It's probably because the last time I bowled in the Stadium I did better.

2016's Nationals will be held in Las Vegas at South Point. This will be a brand new venue altogether, so I need to remind myself not to expect too much.

Year     Team    Doubles   Singles    Pin Total
2014     1732      814           405           2951
2015     1752      775           433           2960

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