Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bowling Weekend Overload

This weekend, I was in maximum overload with bowling. No tournaments, only practice. And lots of it.

Yesterday, I bowled 6 practice games.

Today, it was my usual morning practice of 8 games with Wednesday night friends. When I finished, I grabbed a granola bar from the vending machine and caught up on news on my phone. Then I left Classic Bowl and drove to Bel Mateo for fellow Monday night friend Will's 50th birthday.

Wish I'd done what Will and his wife Jules did. They reserved the entire center for 3 hours. If you didn't want to bowl, you could hang out in one of the party rooms, the bar, or like the fanatic I am, roll in my bag and bowl more games.

But first, some much needed food. Then bowled 6 more games with my Monday night teammate Ronnie. Fun, closely fought battles. Probably the most non-league fun I've had since the late Saturday nights at Classic Bowl with Jeff, Burton, and Lester.

In one of the games, it came down to the last frame. I had been ahead most of the way. Ronnie bowled strikes in the 9th frame and 2 in the 10th. In my last frame, I needed to pick up 2 pins (the 4-7) for the spare to win. I picked up only 1. I lost the game by 1 pin.

I finished the afternoon completing 20 games in 2 days. I bowl 3 more games tomorrow night. Can't wait.

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