Sunday, August 28, 2016

No-Tap Bowling

As summer league wraps up, I bowl sweepers tomorrow and head to Reno for the Chinese-Japanese Invitational Tournament for the Labor Day weekend. I bowled no-tap this weekend. When I return from Reno, I'll bowl another no-tap tournament on Labor Day.

No-tap bowling is a casual tournament which usually have league bowlers as participants. It can result in some nice pocket change if you bowl way above your average. Easy concept - hit 9 pins, it's a strike. Not so easy to execute. The oil pattern laid out for no-tap is harder than the standard house shot. I tend to do well in no-tap and have cashed out several times.

Below is my 2nd squad series score from yesterday. Final results aren't yet in but am hopeful I'll cash out again.
Last year, my 695 series score was 127 pins above my highest sanctioned league series.

Here's to big payouts for the next 2 weeks.

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