Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017 California USBC State Championships

2017 California USBC Adult Championships
Country Club Bowl - San Rafael CA
As I did this past November, I bowled a state tournament. November was the Cal USBC Seniors tournament. Yesterday and today, the Adult Championships.

The lane conditions for this tournament were the most difficult I've bowled since my butt kicking at a local tournament that included young PBA phenom Darren Tang.

For this straight bowler, that's bad.

I bowled a dismal 391 on my team squad yesterday. In my first game this morning in doubles (see above photo), the struggle continued - 127.

Not to panic. I still had 5 games, and my team had the entire lane pair to ourselves. For me, it made for predictability and a faster pace. In other words, a lot less paralysis due to overanalysis.

Finished 3 games. On to singles. Made an adjustment on how I held the ball. It worked well. Bowled 213. Got a pink pin (given to women who bowled 200+). My teammate Monica got one too. She also killed it in brackets and sidepots (over $200).

My next 2 singles games weren't as high, but well enough that I finished with a 522 scratch series, 55 pins above my average. Tournament continues through June 18, so on the very remote chance I cash out, I'll have to wait until then.

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