Sunday, May 07, 2017

Position Round Roll-Off Drama / First 600 Series

1st 600 series, May 3, 2017
In league bowling, a season begins and ends like a school year. It starts in August or September and ends in early-to-mid May.

My Monday night league at Bel Mateo ended last week. Wednesday's league at Classic Bowl will end this week.

In the first half of the season (September to December), both teams finished in the top 10. In the bowling league world, any finish below the top 4 is the equivalent to those lame participation awards youth leagues give out so no one's egos are too bruised. Your team still gets cash payouts, but not nearly as much as the top teams would receive.

We improved considerably in the second half (January to May). Both teams ended the regular season in first place. Monday's team, a 1/2 game margin. Wednesday's by 2 games. The top 4 teams then bowl each other to determine final standings - also known as position round.

Monday's team needed to win 2 games to finish first. We swept. Our wins were so close that our opponent's total pin count was only 7 less than ours.

Wednesday's team needed to win 2 games to finish first. Despite achieving my first ever 600 series, we won only 1. It was now a tie. Sudden death roll-off time. Team to win best 2 out of 3 captures first place.

We lost the first sudden death game. Had to win the next 2 to retain and finish in first place. Like Monday night position round, every frame was an intense battle. Held firm and won the final 2 games.

After position round, the final night is roll-off and sweepers. Roll-off is the 1st half winner versus the 2nd half winner to determine league champion. Jason, my Wednesday night teammate for the past 6 years, was my opponent in last Monday's roll-offs.

Sweepers is the chance to earn cash payouts for high bowling scores of the night. It gives individual bowlers a chance for some extra cash if they bowl well. Nice way to end the season, too.

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