Sunday, July 09, 2017

Slip Resistant Shoes For Work

Klogs Women's Naples
Shortly before I took off for Europe in mid-May, I got promoted to a new position. I'll still work from the same office, but will spend more time in the field making visits to customers in San Francisco, Peninsula and a few in the South Bay.

A lot of those visits will include frequent but short visits to the parts departments of auto dealerships. As I'll be walking around slick service areas, it was time to invest in a new pair of sturdy, comfortable and slip resistant shoes with a little style. (No Doc Martens or SAS)

Another must have for the shoe: flexible upper sole to retain control and feel when I'm driving (stickshift with clutch).

I first considered dressier walking shoes but found they looked too much like running shoes. I then shifted my focus to the kind of shoes nurses and restaurant workers choose: the almighty, utilitarian, slip resistant rubber soled shoe.

The winner: Klogs USA Naples in Black Oiled Leather.

First time I put on the shoes - cushion, comfort, support and traction at the same time. Much more comfortable and secure than the Dansko clogs I thought about bringing out of retirement. The Klogs insoles are removable but I wouldn't dare remove them. There would be no cushy feel and forgive me for the pun, no soul.

Transition phase from old to new job officially ended Friday. New shoes will get the real test on Wednesday, when I go on another round of car dealership visits.

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