Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Credit report & FICO score

I came home from work yesterday and did my usual surfing on the internet. Catch up on news, check e-mail, and browse I peruse the real estate ads daily with the hope someday that we will be able to afford a home in San Francisco. While we both make decent salaries, most housing in SF is well beyond our price range.

While on that train of thought, I decided to run another credit report on myself to see what my current FICO score is. I last ran it about a year and a half ago, which was then in the high 700’s. I was somewhat surprised, but pleased to find my most recent score increased by another 25 points.

I found it interesting that when I entered my social security number and birthdate, Equifax reports my credit history accurately, but lists my birthdate as December 6, 1959. I have somehow aged 6 months. This would be nearly impossible for me to have been born in December because my sister Cindy was born in July of that year. I would have to have been a “preemie” infant.

Being the stickler I am for accuracy, Equifax tells me I can submit a written letter with a copy of my driver’s license to correct the birthdate error. It’s not worth the bother right now. All I care about is that my credit history is correct. The owners of our building have plans to sell in a few months, which may mean we’ll have to move. Then I’ll strongly consider buying and have the mortgage company fix the error.

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CreditSpecialist said...

There are a lot of mistakes in the credit report industry today. But I think that your problem is not so big, but it needs to be fixed anyway. Good luck with your new mortgage!