Thursday, May 18, 2006

Frito bandito

Yesterday I went to Costco to pickup a bag of Tostitos and guacamole for today's Finance department potluck at work. I didn't want to take the bag home and so I left it on the kitchen counter by the toaster and microwave ovens. I kept thinking I should leave the bag in my cubicle. I rationalized that because it wasn't an open bag left on the center table, it wouldn't be considered food for everyone else.

As an "asset protection professional", I should have known better. This morning the bag was gone. I checked the cabinets, hoping someone would have put it away for safekeeping. It only cost me $4 for the chips, but the hassle to drive out to the market and buy another bag is what I was hoping to avoid. Luckily, Cynthia, the Accounts Payable manager, was going to Safeway to buy lettuce and tomatoes and offered to pick up chips for me.

If I find out who you are, I want my $4.

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Cynthia & Tessia said...

LOL...I can relate!!!