Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gently down the stream

Tonight was gym night. Visits to the gym at first were exclusively the treadmill and elliptical. So that I could get some variety in my workouts, I tried out other equipment such as the stationary bicycle and stairmaster. Neither I liked very much.

I tried rowing about 4 months ago and find I really like it. It’s not stressful on the joints as running on the treadmill can be, and I get much more of an overall workout rather than just my lower body. I now find myself not working out so much on the elliptical. This helps avoid exercise burnout and helps me vary my workout routines.

Rowing gave me an excuse to watch on TV (at the gym) the Giants clobber the Astros 14-3. Barry Bonds is still stuck on career home run 713. He’ll break Babe Ruth’s record soon enough, but it’s not pretty. It’s painful to watch him run, especially with Steve Finley beside him in the outfield. Bonds and Finley are about the same age, but such a contrast in their physical conditioning.

Finley already has 7 triples this season. A triple requires someone to run full speed on the bases. Steve does it with ease. Home runs (except inside-the-park) only require a jog and to touch all bases. If you look at photos of Bonds and Finley 15 years ago, Finley looks the same. Bonds, considerably heavier.

Barry’s godfather Willie Mays has to be muttering, “Oh, Barry. Say it ain’t the steroids…”

image courtesy of topendsports.com

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