Monday, May 15, 2006


It is such a relief to find that we’re finally rid of the rain. Our regular spring/summer weather pattern has returned. Because the temperatures can vary 10 to 20 degrees, I am always clicking the thermometer in my car to check the outside temperature.

When I left the office today, it was 76°F. Driving north on Highway 101 to San Francisco International Airport, it went up to 82°F. I continue north to Highway 280, and this is where I always get the biggest temperature drop. At the Westborough exit in South San Francisco, it drops to 69°F. I drive another 7 miles or so and reach the 19th Avenue/Golden Gate Bridge exit.

It is now 63°F and the fog has come in full force. The temperature dropped a total of 19 degrees on a commute that is a bit over 22 miles. My sunglasses (always on retainers) and air conditioning are now off. The car windows are open. Another reason why I’m still a San Francisco resident. I love fog.

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