Monday, June 19, 2006

J.T. Snow update

While watching tonight’s Giants/Angels game, the trivia question of the evening asked was “Who won Gold Gloves as both a Giant and an Angel?” For me, this was an extremely easy question (and listed on my blog last night). It was nice to hear Giants announcers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow mention J.T. was one of their favorites as well.

Duane went on to say that J.T. got put on “assignment” today. What this means is the Red Sox have 10 days to trade or release him. I hope a team will pick him up. But I can’t think of any team at the moment that needs a role player with J.T.’s specific skills.

Former Giants Kirk Rueter and Marquis Grissom were also designated for assignment before making the painful decision to retire. Snow, Rueter and Grissom were all well-liked and consummate team players. But like those longtime employees we don’t want to see laid off, this is a business, and sadly, we have to see them go.

There has been discussion that J.T. may return to the Giants, but it’s not likely. New utility players Mark Sweeney and Jose Vizcaino are more versatile than J.T., as both play more than one position and have done well off the bench this season. Travis Ishikawa has also gotten some playing time and appears to be groomed for 1st base full time should Lance Niekro’s nagging injuries continue.

Whatever happens, good luck to J.T. I’ll be following your status for the next few weeks.

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