Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dining table on hold

Today I called Michelle at Sphere Designs to check on the status of the dining table we ordered about 2 weeks ago. It was supposed to be in sometime or around September 15. She called back while I was returning from lunch.

The table was supposed to be have been shipped from the factory today, but wasn't included in the shipment. The next order won't be ready until next month. As a result of the error, she offered 2 options: a) deliver immediately a medium table (ours was large) to use temporarily until the large one comes in; or b) immediately credit $100 off the purchase.

Since we still have the kitchen table from our old place, I decided to wait until the large table comes in and accept the $100 credit. No big deal, we'll just keep the old table for a few weeks longer. Plus, what was originally $499 is now $399. Michelle offered compensation without any prompting on my part, which is how we all should be serviced.

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