Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tiki Arthur-Bloom

This afternoon, Lisa and Michael hosted a brunch from their home in Half Moon Bay. Although they moved back to the Bay Area in late January, this was the first time all we got to see Casa de Arthur/Bloom.

We also got to meet their newest addition to the household, a gray tiger striped cutie named Tiki. She first appeared during their garage sale and never strayed far from the house. Michael and Lisa took her in a few weeks later and is now a permanent resident. She's about 12 weeks old with very soft fur and is very social. When Lisa brought her up to meet the other guests, she laid on her bed and calmly listened to the numerous conversations in the room.

Our kitties, Che and Jawa don't handle strangers well. Both of them have tried to stay put in a room of strangers, but their "fraidy-cat" instincts have them bolting to our bedroom within a few minutes.

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