Saturday, October 07, 2006

Nip in the air

It's Saturday afternoon and right now we can hear the Blue Angels in their yearly ritual. While it's crystal clear and sunny, there's a bit a nip in the air that tells me it's fall. In Northern California, it's much subtler than New England, but if you live here long enough, it's noticeable.

Now that things have settled down, I'm finding that I'm doing more cooking. At our old place, I rarely cooked on Fridays. Last night was the second Friday in a row I decided to cook. Granted it was the same thing (salmon and veggies), but it was something I wanted to do rather than had to do. I'm sure this is because we now have a dishwasher and a cleaning person.

I've become quite domesticated. This morning I found myself browsing with piqued interest in the pictures from Martha Stewart's Living magazine. I would rather entertain at home than go out to a fancy dinner. Recipes for meals (forget about baking) don't look so hard as they once did. I'm still a huge proponent of takeout and the easy, quick and tasty meal, but I made earlier this week seafood risotto from scratch (no box mix!) for our monthly department pot luck.

Despite all of this, Martha has no reason to worry. She'll still outdo me hands down. Literally.
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