Sunday, November 05, 2006

Preapproved credit card offers

I received this weekend a preapproved offer to apply for the Discover card. Off and on for the past 10+ years, they've been trying to get me as a cardholder. When they finally called me, I told them to go away and take me off any future offers.

Because another offer got sent after I told them to stop, this is what I do to all credit card companies when they don't take no for an answer. Whenever I get an offer in the mail, I take the application that requires a signature and tear it up. Not in shreds, but just enough so that my name can be still be seen. I then take the shredded form, place in the postage paid envelope so graciously provided, and mail it back to them. Sometimes it usually takes 2-3 mailings from the same card issuer, but eventually it stops.

Of course, what will get phone calls and mailings to stop is to call the various agencies to "opt out". A few, such as the Discover mailing, will still sneak through the cracks. Why card issuers think these forms of solicitation still work is beyond me.


creditlucky said...

Agree with you at the point that direct mailing doesn't work for the sender's goal. It's just irritating. If I get interested in credit cards I'll pick up all the information about credit in full on the web.

Tom Mayer said...

Preapproved credit cards are not the best solution for you if you want to take advantage of plastics. They usually come with high interest rates and fees.