Saturday, December 09, 2006

parking violation

This afternoon as I was leaving USF's Koret Center, I found a parking ticket attached to my windshield. Guilty as charged, I've been parking in the lot without a permit for at least 2 years. They never enforced the rules, so I kept parking there. I already knew the violation fee, but seeing I owe a whopping $50 to a nearly empty university parking lot during the holiday season only pissed me off more.

It would seem with USF's recent sale with passes (buy 15 get 5 free, buy 30 get 10 free) and my parking ticket, they are needing additional revenue (most universities do). The rec pass sale is usually during the summer months and for the first time since I used the gym, they had a winter sale. I bought the 30-10 deal last week.

If USF is indeed being more aggressive in collecting revenue, I think there are much friendlier ways of doing it. First, they should change their rule on not issuing parking permits (for a fee) to lowly rec pass holders like me. Second, charge fees to all visitors to park in the lot. This is a potential cash cow because they have non-university activities going on all the time. They already have rec center staff for check-in and to process payments. To add parking fee collection to their duties would not be a big deal.

As a result of this ticket, I am thinking long and hard about whether or not I'll renew my rec pass. I've also grown a bit tired of the suburban yokels at the gym I use after work, so perhaps it's time for me to explore new gyms.

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