Friday, December 15, 2006

Run of the mouth Rosie

This past week, Rosie O'Donnell received a heap of criticism for mocking spoken Chinese. She first provided a partial apology because she didn't think what she said was offensive. Today, she issues a full apology but warns she may do it again. A few weeks earlier, O'Donnell found offensive a remark Kelly Ripa (of daytime's "Live with Regis and Kelly") made after guest host Clay Aiken covered her mouth with his hand during a show taping.

O'Donnell said that as a lesbian, Ripa's response ("I don't know where that hand has been!") implied Aiken lived a certain lifestyle. Ripa said it wasn't that way at all, but only concern that she might catch a cold or flu. O'Donnell then realized she misunderstood Ripa, and said as a parent of young children, hands get dirty and full of germs. O'Donnell and Ripa kiss and make up. End of story.

What I find hypocritical about O'Donnell is that she gets all bothered about an alleged comment about a certain lifestyle, but doesn't think that her mocking spoken Chinese was offensive. As a double minority (gay female), O'Donnell should be acutely aware that both actions are bothersome.

A primary reason why I live in San Francisco is that minorities (gay, Asian, Latino) are the majority. But, as I said before, I'll get over it. So should you.

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