Friday, April 13, 2007


As usual for this time of year, my allergies are acting up. Sneezing, sore nose from too much tissue wiping, and my right eye consistently itchy and red. For the first time in over a year, I didn't wear my contact lenses to work. Because I can't exercise without wearing contacts, I wear my glasses most of the day and put in my contacts just before heading to my workout.

While I like the look of spectacles, they're not comfortable for me to wear outside the house. I fog them up when I'm warm, the nose pieces pinch after prolonged wearing, and I don't see as well out of them compared to contact lenses. I've thought about getting LASIK but find it expensive and not sure it would completely correct my extreme myopia (it's about 20/200).

Windy days aggravates the sneezing. While my allergies are year round, spring season is the worst for me. It usually subsides around May, sometimes into June. Cold compresses and eye drops will be a frequent companion for the next few weeks.

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