Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Skybus Airlines

Just found out in tomorrow's New York Times, Skybus Airlines, a new low-fare airlines makes their debut. This caught my attention because Skybus is based from my birthplace, Columbus, Ohio. In the 23+ years I've lived in San Francisco, I have never been able to fly directly to Columbus.

Over the years, I've flown America West (connect in Phoenix), United (Chicago O'Hare or Denver), TWA (St. Louis), U.S. Airways (Indianapolis), Delta (Cincinnati) to get to Columbus. Delta was usually the most painless because Cincinnati is only about 100 miles from Columbus. Chicago and Phoenix for me have been the worst because of the vast walking distance within the terminal to catch the connection. We haven't been to Columbus in almost 2 years because our last trip on United during Christmas 2005 was one of the worst experiences we've ever had.

Fares on Skybus start out EXTREMELY low, at $10. But charges are incurred for checking-in luggage, purchasing soda, etc. And while not a big deal, flights are from Oakland. What Skybus has done is fulfill 2 extremely important reason why to fly with them:

1. DIRECT flight to Columbus from SF Bay Area

We really don't have an excuse not to visit Cindy anymore. I hope they stick around.

image courtesy of answers.com

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