Friday, April 27, 2007

very high pollen count

To some of us, it was a lovely, sunny spring day in the San Francisco Bay Area. For me, a year-round allergy sufferer, this past week has been hell, especially when it gets windy.

I saw last night's weather forecast showed high tree and weed pollen counts. My sinuses have a tendency to go berserk with high grass pollen count, which today in San Mateo/Foster City was very high.

This is the worst I've had in sometime. I left the office early yesterday because I couldn't stop sneezing and blowing my nose. When I got home, I crashed on the couch for about 2 hours, which helped, because it made me stop sneezing.

My oversized mesh wastebasket, which sits in my quasi-office in the dining room, is usually never more than 1/3 full before our cleaning person Isaurina empties it every other week. Today, it is almost 1/2 full because I've been discarding tissue wads into it constantly.

Sneezing is still rampant, but not nearly as bad as yesterday or the day before that. My eyelids and cheeks look a bit red and bumpy, which I attribute to how bad my allergies are right now. I've been hearing "bless you" said so much that I'm beginning to think I found religion.

Oh, God I hope not.

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