Sunday, May 13, 2007

job hunt begins

Even though mid-October is 5 months away, I officially began the hunt for my next employer. I've been looking for the past year, but now have ramped up the search. Last month, I sent my resumé to 2 well-known cosmetic retailers (names and job titles withheld) headquartered in San Francisco. If you're a Bay Area resident that's worked in retail, you'll probably already know who these companies are. Over the weekend, I sent applications out to a former employer and to a division within the City and County of San Francisco.

One of the cosmetic retailers took a month to reply back to me, only with a very short sentence asking me what my salary requirements were. I replied back, asking for $5 to $10K more than what I currently make. I've heard nothing since. The other retailer, I haven't heard anything back. Both retailers have since reposted the positions and changed the job titles. I'm guessing they haven't called me because I am too senior for the positions. This could be very well the same case with my former employer.

Which leads me to thinking that I need to look away from retail. I am also looking at financial service companies or those companies looking for internal audit type positions. I started putting the word out to friends, family and co-workers that I'm looking. If I get offered a position before October, it would have to be one attractive enough for me to forfeit my retention package.

And awaaaaay we go....

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