Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Job recruiters

When I first found out I was going to lose my job, it wasn't exactly earth shattering. The company hasn't been doing well and we ended up closing about 1/3 of our locations. I was already checking job listings on a regular basis. Once I posted my resumé on Yahoo! Hot Jobs, recruiters began to take notice and e-mail me, stating they could help me find a job or my qualifications are well suited to openings they know about.

So far, the recruiters that have contacted me are batting a big fat ZERO. The first recruiter that contacted me wanted to meet so that she could have an idea of what I'd best be suited for. This was great, but the timing wasn't right. Once I found out I was getting additional severance, I decided to hold off meeting her until my job ends.

The second recruiter e-mailed me and gave me a song and dance proposal (with a fee costing hundreds of dollars) about faxing mass numbers of cover letters to so-called targeted employers. This would ensure I would get numerous job interviews. I've seen these types of faxes come through the office, and to me, it's a total joke.

First of all, half the time the senior executives the cover letters are addressed to are no longer with the company or their name is misspelled. Second, most of the letters are written in official, business-like language stating this and that about his or her accomplishments. Read past the bull---- and it's just a letter begging for a job. Third, most of the jobs the candidates are looking for aren't within the retail industry nor are they positions our company would have available. I could do all this on my own by calling companies and asking for this information myself. FOR FREE.

Then, a third recruiting firm that claims only to service "quality" clients said I was a perfect match for one of their client openings but it was already filled. They wanted me to e-mail them to set up an appointment because they were certain I was qualified for other openings. Problem was, their area of coverage was San José. Sorry, a bit out of my commuting range.

Recruiter number four e-mailed me stating the same sales pitch as the previous ones from San José. She sent me a website link and told me to apply to any of the openings I would be interested in. Wait a minute. Aren't recruiters supposed to find the openings for you? After I got a second e-mail sent wondering why I hadn't registered, I replied back curtly telling her that as a recruiter, please point out to which positions you'd like me to interview. Otherwise, you're only someone telling me to go your website that has the same postings your competitors have. What a lazy way to recruit a candidate.

The 5th and 6th recruiting firms had openings within my desired areas and claimed they had my resumé, but it's quite clear they read only my title and not my qualifications. Last Friday, recruiter number 5 e-mailed me stating she thought I'd be an excellent match for an analyst position at a well-known retailer. When she e-mailed me the job description and company, it is for a well-known retailer with an excellent salary, but requires qualifications I don't have.

And this morning, recruiting company number 6 had 2 recruiters e-mail me for an analyst position for a very large and well-known public utility company. On a 6-month contract basis. Even if I weren't being laid off, what makes them think I would leave a job with benefits to go to a contractual job that has no benefits? Again, the job description is an analyst, but not really that strong a match to my work background.

The ONLY recruiter that has found anything that matched my background is from my old company, Gymboree. One ended up filled internally. The other is my old job from 8 years ago. I'm overqualified for both positions for pay below my current salary.

Despite all the moaning and bitching, it is nice to know I'm wanted. But it's quite obvious that recruiters don't study well whom they want as candidates. A piece of advice to any recruiter that may be reading this blog because they had the smarts to Google me, do your homework!!!

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