Monday, August 13, 2007

New contact lenses for myopia

Today, another Associated Press video features a story that one can now wear contact lenses while sleeping to correct myopia, which is the exact opposite of how most users wear their contacts.

I've been myopic since I was 11. While most thought glasses were a death sentence as to how one would be perceived in school, I thought it was extremely cool. I never thought about the "coke-bottle" look, but the intelligent, respected look that people got when they wore spectacles that fit them well.

What I realized as I got older was that glasses were not cool when I played basketball and softball. They fogged up and were likely to get damaged and/or broken. I then got contact lenses when I was 15. My dad thought I was too young. But I convinced him I would be very good about taking care of them and that I needed them for sports.

I wore hard, then later, rigid gas permeable contact lenses (RGP's) for about 25 years. It wasn't until I turned 40 that I could no longer wear RGP's. I didn't wear contact lenses for nearly a year until I got fitted for daily disposable soft contact lenses. I've been wearing disposables for about 6 years now, and am relieved I can wear contact lenses nearly all the time again. The only drawback is that I could wear RGP's up to 17 hours without feeling dryness or discomfort. My disposables on most days is about 14 hours.

The best thing about having disposables is that I can throw a bunch in my carry-on when I travel and only have to bring saline solution with me. I used to have to bring wetting/soaking solution, cleaner, a case and a spare pair of lenses as they can get lost or misplaced. And if I stayed over a week, enzyme tablets for the weekly deep cleaning.

As to whether I would consider wearing this new kind of contact lens, I'm not sure. While I like the idea of not having to wear lenses during the day, having to wear them at night is not something I'm crazy about. Falling asleep with contact lenses for me is not comfortable.

It's all very promising. But I'd like to wait and see first.

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