Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh the times...they are a-changin'

While the title of this blog is the name of a famous Bob Dylan song, Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music fame) recently released an album of Dylan covers and this song is getting frequent airplay on KFOG in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As it's getting closer to end of my current job, this week in particular is starting to show real signs the company is leaving California and plowing full steam ahead into Texas. Last week, I called one of our locations to answer a finance question. I started chatting with the studio manager and she thought I was calling from Plano (Dallas area). Last Thursday, all of the current positions in my department (finance) are posted as openings in Yahoo! Hot Jobs. Plus, the office is two-thirds empty this week due to a companywide meeting in Plano. Last, but not least, this coming Friday, the company servers will be inaccessible after 12 p.m. as they will migrate them to Plano.

Then this morning, the Gymboree HR coordinator who set up my interviews in May called. She asked me if I was interested in another opening in finance. She said it was Sales Audit, which technically it is. But when I went to Gymboree's website to view the posting, it is listed as a Revenue Analyst. In short, it's my old job. I'm more than qualified to do the work and that's exactly why I politely declined. I already know the position doesn't pay what I currently make and Myra, the HR person, confirmed this was the case.

While it's still early, I sent applications out to 2 companies with treasury/cash analyst positions about a half-hour ago. One is a huge hospital, the other, a bank. If you asked me even a year ago if I would work for either of these kinds of businesses, I would have told you, "hell no". But my work has progressed more toward treasury/cash management and am looking for my next position to focus in this area. And because of the treasury/cash focus, I have to widen my search and look away from retail.

With all the severance and unpaid vacation I'll be receiving when my job ends, I can take the rest of the year off sitting high off the hog. I really should take the rest of the year off. It's been years since I didn't work a busy holiday period. I am really looking forward that I don't have to work on Black Friday, Christmas Eve or New Year's.

But at the same time, the jobs I applied to today describe duties that I currently do now. I decided I would rather apply and see if they bite, and if they don't, at least I won't wonder whether or not I would be contacted for an interview. I also know if things don't go well, I can stop, and take my time to look for the next opportunity.

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