Monday, September 03, 2007

Jong Mea Restaurant, June 1982

This is the front of Jong Mea Restaurant, located in Columbus, OH at 747 East Broad Street. The restaurant first opened in 1951. This was taken on our graduation day from Ohio State in 1982.

From left to right: founder and paternal grandfather, Irving Chin, grandmother Virginia, my sister Cindy, yours truly, my mother, Susan, and my father, Hank. My grandfather passed away last year.

While the restaurant is no longer around, this is for those of you who did eat there at one time or another. I hope seeing the picture will bring back fond memories of your visits there.


Scott said...

Wow, thank you for this picture. We are getting together a reunion of a bunch of us who worked at the first Donato's Pizza in the south end of Columbus and I was searching for a picture of Jong Mea, which was our favorite place to go after we closed at midnight.

I remember Hank fondly, very nice guy. I will always remember where I was when the blizzard of 1978 started, leaving Jong Mea and trying to get my key in my frozen car door lock in tha back parking lot.

Also do you remember having a chef named Frank Louie? There is a place in Reynoldsburg called Sun Tong Luck and he is, or was, the owner. People have said he used to be the chef at Jong Mea, I never confirmed that though.

Anyways thanks again for the picture, brings back fond memories.

Scott Walden

ColumbusNeon said...

Wow, when did the restaurant close? Wish I could go back in time and take a picture of that wonderful neon sign. As a fan of "old school" Chinese restaurants and neon signs, I would have loved the place. I have lived in Columbus over 20 years and graduated from Whitehall Yearling High School and OSU, but I do not recall ever eating at Jong Mea.

Kevin Bernstein said...

I remember my father used to go here on Friday nights circa 1970's, he would buy pints of chicken and beef fried rice!!! He knew the manager of Jong Mea, and learned Chinese.....well sorta of!! I also remember my father and mother taking me here for dinner, I must of been 5 or 6 years old. We ate chicken fried rice, and for dessert orange sherbet!! I no longer live in Columbus,Oh, but I remember the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant next door! Those were the good ole days, My father and mother have passed away and most of the Great restaurant Ions of Columbus,Ohio are also gone, But the memories of this Columbus landmark will live on in my memories.

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