Monday, June 16, 2008

My Andy Warhol moment

If any of you read my Twitter postings late last week, KPIX (CBS-5) contacted me to be interviewed for "Eye on the Bay", a local newsmagazine. They found me when they entered "fog blog" into Google. My blog came up first in the search results. They were looking for bloggers who live and/or write about fog in San Francisco.

The interview took about an hour to complete. They had me read some of my recent Twitter postings, took shots of me typing on my laptop, and actually had me walk on 9th Avenue and Kirkham Street to answer a few questions about my thoughts on fog.

I apologize if this posting sounds a bit vague and distant. But as I'm finding my blog has reached a lot more people than I would have ever imagined, I need to omit certain details to preserve the privacy of others, including my own. I have always been a very open person, but I also know these days I have to watch what I say. It's easier to withhold rather than retract.

The segment is due to air sometime in the fall. It's very likely to be a short segment, so don't plan on getting too excited. I've never seen myself on TV, and I'm already worried I'll look fat. On HD. I'll keep you posted.

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