Saturday, November 22, 2008

Neighborhood Nuisance, part 2

As mentioned in my last blog posting, my neighbors across the street were likely the subject in a recent San Francisco Chronicle column. The picture from that entry was taken in June. The picture showing in today's entry was taken 2 days ago.

It does look like some effort is being made to spruce up the house. The house was painted about 2 months ago, but there hasn't been any progress since. The upper right window displaying a fan is still broken. The dilapidated truck in the driveway is now covered loosely with blue and white covers. There's still debris scattered around the outside areas.

This past week, a camper shell from a truck was sitting on the curb in front of the house. It moved to the sidewalk yesterday. Today, there is a bunch of metal debris sitting where the camper shell was. As I vented on my Twitter postings this past week, the sound of someone rummaging glass in the garbage bins could be heard for several hours late Thursday night.

Come on. I don't live in Pacific Heights or St. Francis Woods but I consider my neighborhood, the Inner Sunset, to be nice and a desirable place to live. It's inconsiderate, uncaring bums like my neighbors that rob me of my homeowner pride in one of the most desirable cities in the world.

Next step: Notify the Department of Health about the eyesore sitting in the driveway. Slowly but surely the problem will be eradicated. I want my peace and quiet.

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