Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bowler Chick

Since I've blathered on all week about getting back into bowling, my new ball came in today. Immediately after getting the ball, I headed to Presidio Bowl to try out the ball. I bowled terribly.

First, I realized that holding your own ball is not the same as holding a house ball. Second, bend my knees. Third, release the ball a bit earlier to get a better follow through.

My sister Cindy comes in tomorrow and I'll be off work (but accessing email regularly) until next Thursday. I want to squeeze in one more practice session to work on a consistent release, which is my biggest problem right now.

But most importantly, I've got the pretty ball and flashy shoes now. I may not bowl like a pro, but I'm having a ton of fun looking like one.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bowling in style

For those of you that follow me regularly on Facebook and Twitter, I've been writing about my excitement of getting back into bowling regularly through a group organized at work.

At the recommendation of my colleagues Albert and Scott, I went online yesterday to They told me Bowlers Paradise had the best price and selection. I checked out at least 2 shoe and 2 other bowling websites. Shoe websites had cheaper prices, but lousy selection. Other bowling websites had a lot to choose from, but higher priced than Bowlers Paradise.

The shoes in the picture, Elite Athena, in black and hot pink, were the ones I selected. There were 2 other color combinations available, but I wanted some flash. When I got to the checkout section of the shopping cart, I was a bit surprised to be charged $10.95 for shipping, but figured it would have been the same had I ordered a ball, which is much heavier and larger than shoes.

I didn't regret my decision one bit. Bowlers Paradise is located in Sacramento and they shipped my shoes FedEx overnight. I got them shortly after 10 a.m. today, about an hour before I was ready to head out to bowl. The shoes fit comfortably right away and there is a ton of padding around the opening. Everyone noticed them and complimented me on how cool they looked.

Then it was lane time. Aside from Wii bowling, the last time I bowled was about 4 years ago at an outing with my previous company. I bowled a bunch as a kid and was in organized leagues in junior high and through my employer while I was a student at Ohio State. I had my own ball in college (fuschia/hot pink) but not my own shoes.

Now, with my own shoes, but no ball, and some practice on form playing Wii, I actually did a bit better. Scores were 132 and 129. My average in college was never more than 120. I once bowled a 191 (and got a trophy for high women's score - scratch), but I could easily bowl 90 the next game.

Just like it was in college, I had so much fun and got so amped afterwards, I am seriously considering buying a new ball. As much as I'd like to order it online, buying a ball through a pro shop is still the way to go. One needs the tactile experience (feel of the ball, an expert to fit and properly drill the finger holes, etc.)

As it was in softball, I knew I was a die hard carrying my own bag with cleats, mitt and bat. I see myself going down that road with bowling. Already got the shoes. If I get a ball, there's no way I won't have one without a bag.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Memories of Jong Mea - continued

This morning, I got another very nice comment on the Jong Mea posting I wrote in February 2007. It was from someone who patronized the Columbus location back in the 70's. What made this comment exceptional was that it was from Doug Ritter (Ritterling), a former radio disc jockey in Columbus (WCOL-AM 1230) and San Francisco (KITS-FM 105.3), the only 2 cities I consider as home.

Doug wrote:
I believe that you were working the register the night I proposed to my wife in 1978. Jong Mea was our favorite restaurant and a perfect place for me to propose. I was a disk jockey for 1230 WCOL, (the studios were a few blocks down Broad Street) so we stopped at Jong Mea often after I got off the air. Pamela and I are still happily married after nearly 29 years! We still point out the old building to our three kids whenever we visit the city. Perhaps its time for a new Jong Mea?
Thanks for the good times!
Doug Ritter (Ritterling) St, Louis, MO

Well, Doug, if you find this blog posting, I'm speechless at how much our restaurant meant to you. Wow, you proposed to Pamela at our restaurant. Your former radio station holds equally special memories for me as I was a big fan of WCOL-AM in my early teens. In fact, it was the station that got me exposed to Top 40 radio.

During the summer of 1974, I got a bit of spending money thanks to WCOL. The disc jockey called my house at random and asked if I knew how much was in the jackpot. I said I didn't know. The deejay asked me to guess, and I blurted, "$150". It happened to be the correct amount during bonus hour, which I got $300. My mom picked up the check for me at the station. It was the highlight of my summer vacation.

Thank you, Doug, for sharing such a wonderful memory.