Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's not easy being green

Since San Francisco began banning plastic bags about a year or so ago, I bought reusable grocery bags to store in the trunk of my car. My office is located next to Whole Foods and got into the habit of using a reusable bag whenever I went there for lunch.

Or tried. I often would forget to bring it or not bother at all because it was too big for the few items I'd buy for lunch. I later bought a smaller bag specifically for lunch. But again, I'd forget the bag was stored in one of my desk drawers.

Then I found an even smaller and foldable lunch bag as pictured in this blog entry. It cost me only about $2 and easily stores in my purse. Even if I take out only my wallet on my way to lunch, the bag is always near the wallet as my reminder to pull both out.

Whole Foods gives you the option to donate or deduct 5 cents whenever you bring in your own bag. I've brought the bag in often enough that it will pay for itself very soon (if it hasn't already).

The bag is the perfect size and always fits my lunch purchases very neatly. There's even a side mesh pocket to hold a bottled beverage and separates it from hot food. While I'm far from being a poster child of green, having this foldable bag comforts me in knowing I am contributing in a small way.

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