Thursday, April 09, 2009

Introducing Kim, Angry Asian Girl

My cubicle mates Gromit and my magnetic "lobstah" from Boston have a new friend. Her name is, Kim, a.k.a. Angry Asian Girl. Former UC Berkeley student Lela Lee created Angry Asian Girl in 1994. I first came across Kim at my favorite neighborhood gift store, Tutti Frutti.

The cartoon on this tote bag (as seen here) was my introduction to Kim's sassy attitude. I laughed so hard probably because I saw a bit (OK, a lot) of myself when I'm not in such a great mood.

I admire Kim because she says things I would like to say but couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't. Especially if I want to remain the upstanding, well-loved person I have been for so many years (snicker if you like, as this keeps my ego in check).

Kim now has other friends (Wanda, Deb, Maria and Xyla) and a meathead of a boyfriend named Bruce. Check them all out at the Angry Little Girls website.

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