Sunday, June 03, 2012

Aimee Mann and Michael Penn

photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

The above photo are 2 American singer-songwriters.  As I blogged previously about Jessica Yu and Mark Salzman, you might not be familiar with them.  But you might be familiar with their music. And yes, they're a married couple too.

The spectacled blonde is Aimee Mann, former lead singer of 80's new wave band 'Til Tuesday (known for "Voices Carry" and "Comin' Up Close).  The video clip listed below is the song "Save Me" from the film "Magnolia".

The bearded brown-haired fellow next to Aimee is her husband, Michael Penn (Sean's older brother).  He is best known for the toe-tapping, cleverly written tune, "No Myth".   I'm not ashamed to admit I play this song full blast and sing at the top of my lungs (alone in my car so I don't shatter anyone's eardrums or make any dogs howl).  Check it out for yourself.

By now you're probably wondering if Aimee and Michael have ever performed together.  Yes, they have.  Below is a video from the movie (starring Sean Penn) "I Am Sam", which features the Beatles song, "Two of Us".

Keep up the great work and continued success in your music.

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