Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jim Harbaugh, Sports Fan

image source: Michael Conroy, AP

Over the weekend, the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens won their respective conference championships and will be playing in this year's NFL Super Bowl on February 3. What's probably gotten almost more headlines than the teams themselves are their head coaches, brothers John Harbaugh (Baltimore) and Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco).

Some of you already know John and Jim aren't the only coaches in the family. Their dad, Jack Harbaugh was a former head coach at Western Michigan University. Sister Joani is married to Tom Crean, who is head coach of Indiana University's men's basketball team.

The above picture is showing Jim Harbaugh on a visit to his one of his brother-in-law's home games in February 2012 (see USA Today story). Well, he did a little more than visit. He sat at the end of Indiana's bench and during timeouts, he would bring chairs on and off the floor for the players to sit.

And let's not forget this past October. Giants fans were floored when we saw Coach Harbaugh drive 1st baseman Brandon Belt in the World Series celebration parade.

I am in awe of Coach Harbaugh's support, admiration and respect for sports outside of his own.  As an Ohio State alumna, I must admit this is pretty good for someone who played football at Michigan.

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