Sunday, March 24, 2013

Henri, un film de Will Braden

It's no secret cats have become an internet sensation. I am a fan of several: Sockington, Simon's Cat, Tard the Grumpy Cat, Maru, and most recently, Henri. As the Henri films capture so well to what we humans believe how cats think, I was somewhat surprised to learn the YouTube series creator, William Braden, is not Henri's owner/guardian.

I'm a sucker for Tuxedo and Snowshoe cats like Henri and Tard the Grumpy cat as I co-parented a pair of them in a previous relationship. I found myself liking the cats a lot more than the boyfriend. Much of the time in this relationship was spent seeing far too many angst-ridden foreign films. And why I find the le Chat Noir series beyond hilarious.

The video link below is Henri's second film. It got over 7 million views.


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