Saturday, March 16, 2013

Terrell Owens - PBA League Owner, Dallas Strikers

image source: PBA

Last week, I wrote about Bobby Valentine, a former baseball player and manager figure not very well liked among his peers. This week, it's former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Less than a season out of professional football, Terrell is now actively involved as a PBA League team owner. In what I've seen so far in his short tenure as owner of the Dallas Strikers, he's been nothing but enthusiastic, gracious and respectful. A complete contrast from his days as a gridiron gazelle.

Terrell and Jerome Bettis (Motown Muscle owner) bowled the ceremonial first roll to begin the season. There was some unfair criticism of Terrell when he was seen texting from his cell phone during one of the televised matches. True. He was tweeting details of the match. I've seen him sit with his Strikers team during several PBA League matches.

In last week's PBA League Clash, he was the only owner to sit with the only Dallas Striker in the clash, Rhino Page (1st player selected in the draft). Below is the unedited version of the match. If you're pressed for time, the last 5 minutes of the video will show you Terrell's presence wasn't just window dressing.

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