Sunday, September 07, 2014

New Season of Bowling

panoramic view, National Bowling Stadium
As it was today for the NFL, it's a new season. My new bowling season begins tomorrow night. I find it's a lot like starting a new school year. We get to see those that took summer season off, who are the new kids (bowlers), and which bowlers moved to different teams.

For me, the official end of year of fall-spring-summer season the past 3 years is marked by the Chinese-Japanese (Asian-American Bowling Association) Labor Day Tournament held at the National Bowling Center in Reno, Nevada.

I LOVE bowling in the Stadium.

In this year's tournament, I was happy with my results. Nothing eye popping, yet bowled 2 of 3 squads above my season average. The past 2 years, I stayed at Circus Circus. This year, I splurged a little and stayed at the Silver Legacy, which is only a block away from the Stadium.

Over the past 2 months, I've been working on a new release (technically, an improved old release) which has resulted in a faster ball speed. Still need to work on maintaining consistency. My goal is to raise the average 5 to 10 pins this season. It's been stagnant the past 3 seasons.

To all other league bowlers out there starting your new season, best of luck to you. Bowl well. Even more importantly, have fun.

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