Sunday, October 26, 2014

Moving in, phase II

Den - Office - Storage

Three weeks in, I am about two-thirds unpacked. The only room I haven't completely unpacked is the den. Originally built as a dining room, my housemate set aside this room exclusively for my use, so I've decided to make the room into a den/office/reading room.

Although I'm now living in a house almost 300 square feet larger than my previous rented house, I moved into the house as a secondary occupant. Which means no garage, no master bedroom with enclosed bathroom and most importantly, less storage. I've been spending a bunch of time online researching storage ideas.

Living Room

At first, I was thinking about an armoire and storage cabinets. Since I don't know how long I'll be here (I hope for awhile), I want the storage to be inexpensive, versatile and mobile in the event I'll have to move again.

I'm really keen on finding storage ideas for unused spaces. This is common in big cities with small dwellings like Tokyo, New York, Paris and of course where I live, San Francisco. I found a few other nifty ideas on Pinterest and pinned them to my page for future reference.

I installed a shower pole caddy in the bathroom today. I have on order with The Container Store for a couple of narrow storage drawers that I hope will fit in the gap between the refrigerator and kitchen closet. If it works, then I'll add with other storage pieces from the same modular line for the den.

Updates, likely sporadically, to follow. Comforts of home are always a work-in-progress.

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Marie Flutterby said...

Beautiful house and furniture as well I would want to stay as well lol, but I do hope you find some kind of storage for your stuff.

I do find storage chests with wheels very helpful and useful and have been hunting for the perfect wooden storage chest with/without wheels to use as a coffee table to put my throws in, I can always put the wheels on myself.

Good luck and am glad you're slowly but, surely getting yourself settled in your new home. ♥

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