Sunday, March 22, 2015

The real Eddie and Louis Huang

On February 4, 2015, ABC debuted the premiere episodes of Asian-American sitcom "Fresh off the Boat".

The TV show is based from the blog and memoirs of Eddie Huang. It took me a few episodes before I became a fan of the show.

Like Eddie, I didn't grow up in a large Asian community. I share many of the same experiences Eddie did growing up in Orlando, Florida as I did in Columbus, Ohio.

To get a glimpse of the real Eddie and Louis, you can go to YouTube's Munchies channel and watch Huang's World. Eddie is the host.

The below video is part 3 of Eddie's and Louis's visit to Taiwan. At the start of the episode, they are on their way to eat at renowned restaurant Din Tai Fung. Currently, there are locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, California and Seattle, Washington. A new location in Santa Clara (Westfield Valley Square) is set to open in October 2015.

The last part of the episode is near and dear to my heart. Eddie and Louis visit Louis's father's resting place. Most of the rituals shown to honor him were exactly what I did at my grandfather's funeral in 2005.

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